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Black Gel - Sprinks

Black Gel - Sprinks
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Name: Black Gel - Sprinks
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Sprinks Gel Colour 

Colour: Black 

Quantity: 15m

Sprinks now brightens your baking with their stunning new range of beautiful gel colours.  

Australian made gel colour in convenient dropper bottles.   

Easy to use in fondant, buttercreams batters, macarons, meringues and more. 
Antique White can be mixed with a variety of the other Sprinks colours to produce beautiful vintage style colours. Base is clear so will paint a caramel brown.  Mix with Sprinks Gel White to make a white based paint.

  •  Super strength colour
  •  Easy to use and replicate recipes with the convenient dropper 
  •  Mix with other colours to create an entire rainbow
  •  Mix with Sprinks Oil Base  to easily colour chocolate and other oil based baking products
  •  Mix with Sprinks Paint Base to turn gel colours into a paint that will dry .
  •  Allergen Free - Gluten Free, Vegan 


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